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HistoryNaxos has been inhabited without interruption from the 4th millennium BC to the present. In ancient times Naxos was the ...  
ActivitiesThe most popular sport in Naxos is windsurfing. Because of the wind of the Aegean Sea (5 - 6 beaufort and sometimes even...  
EntertaimentNaxos is one of the cycladic islands that combine intense and quiet nightlife the same time....  
Naxos BeachesEnjoy the white sand. In Naxos there are a lot of beautiful beaches...  
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Hotel Astir of Naxos, Saint George Beach, Naxos Town, Cyclades, Naxos Island
Tel: +30 22850 29320-21 Fax: +30 22850 29322 Winter: +30 22850 22535
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