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Melanes Kalamitsia Kouros Kournohori

Having starting line the green valley of Melanes and the village of Agioi Apostoloi we follow the country road to the left and we reach Kalamitsia where since 1673 is found the "Palataki" that Jesuit monk Soze built as a resort for the Jesuit monks.

It was considered as a real palace with spacious rooms, cookery, storage rooms, a very impressive scale and also a small church, a big pigeon shelter, archways and gardens with big tanks. It still remains imposing and impresses the visitors despite the abandonment.

We then go on crossing the tree gardens and reach Flerio where we can find laid down the Greek "Kouros". There where the Greek technicians left it without finishing it. This "Kouros" is one of Naxos' two biggest statues, 6.50m tall, a piece of work of the 7th century.

Following the small road we cross the green valley and pass from the traditional village Mylos with the running water and the water falls, the graphic houses and the flowered yards so as to reach the village Kournohori with the Venetian Tower of Fragopoulos sample of the west architecture to dominate to the village and the valley. There in a yard you will also see the table where the first King of Greece, Othonas, ate when he visited Naxos.
Total distance 6km.

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