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The most popular sport in Naxos is windsurfing. Because of the wind of the Aegean Sea (5 - 6 beaufort and sometimes even 7 beaufort in summer), this activity is a pleasant experience for them who dare to try it. Amity and Aliko beach are very good for wave, while the best beaches for slalom and wind are St. George, St. Prokopios, St. Anna, Vigla and Pyrgaki.

For the people that they want also to make sport or keep themselves fit during their holidays, Naxos can offer a variety of sport activities. There are two 5x5 football courts, where sometimes small championships are organized or you can play with your friends. In some beaches of Naxos such as St. George, St. Prokopios (one of the best beaches in Europe, two successive years in the top five) and St. Anna there are sport and entertainment centres, where you can play beach volley, canoe and water ski. If you love riding, there are a lot of beautiful horses for crossing over the sandy beaches under the Cycladic sun and the view of the sea. You can also participate in the bike tours around the island. You get all the equipment you need and an experienced driver, who will guide you.

If you go on holidays not only for relaxation, but also for exploring the island, you should take a full advantage of it. Naxos has a plenty of beautiful routes (on foot or by car), where you can explore caves (most famous is that of Za), ancient temples, Byzantine churches, castles, which they wait for you to explore them and you might also discover something (not so improbable with the history this place has). We recommend the two tracking routes Apiranthos - Fanariotissa - Moni - Panagia Drossiani and Melanes - Kalamitsia - Kouros - Kournohori.

Naxos - Excursions byca, bus, motobike. In addition to the above, it would be nice if you could visit some of the villages of Naxos. This tour can be made by car or by bus, through a travel agency. One of the day excursions are Naxos - Apeiranthos (27km) - Koronos. Koronis. Komiaki (39km) Apollonas (40km) and Naxos - Chalki - Sagkri - Alyko - Pyrgaki


Apiranthos - Panagia - DrossianiHaving starting line the village of Apiranthos with the narrow marble paved mule tracks covered by archways, the stone h...  
Melanes - KournohoriHaving starting line the green valley of Melanes and the village of Agioi Apostoloi we follow the country road to the le...  
Naxos - Apeiranthos - ApollonasThis is the most worth to see route of the island, because it passes through the mountain villages of Zeus mountain and ...  
Naxos - PyrgakiFollowing the route to Apeiranthos, you turn right to Chalki in order to go to the south east coast of Naxos, where Alyk...  
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