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Naxos is the largest island in Cyclades and one of the most beautiful in Greece. Its surface is 448 km2, coast length 148 km and it is 103 miles away from Piraeus and 87 miles from Rafina, which is also connected with Naxos.

West of Naxos is Paros, east is Donousa, south is Scoinousa, Irakleia, Keros and Koufonisia, north is Myconos and Dilos. The landscape presents many alternations: valleys alternate the mountains with their green coombs, which extends until the beautiful beaches.

The highest mountain is Zeus. Its height is 1004 meters and it is the highest of Cyclades.The west coast of Naxos have a lot of capes, bays and small gulfs with sand: Naxos bay, Agios Prokopios cape.

Parthenos cape, Kouroupa cape, Agiasos bay. The east coast is smoother. In the middle of the east coast, against Donousa, is the Moutsouna bay.

The climate of Naxos is dry, with mild winters and cool summers, because of meltemi - the yearly north wind that blows in Cyclades. The average temperature ranges from 14 to 16 in winter and 27 - 30 in summer.
HistoryNaxos has been inhabited without interruption from the 4th millennium BC to the present. In ancient times Naxos was the ...  
ActivitiesThe most popular sport in Naxos is windsurfing. Because of the wind of the Aegean Sea (5 - 6 beaufort and sometimes even...  
EntertaimentNaxos is one of the cycladic islands that combine intense and quiet nightlife the same time....  
Naxos BeachesEnjoy the white sand. In Naxos there are a lot of beautiful beaches...  
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